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GoPro To Soon Launch A VR Camera Array And Quadcopter Drone

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GoPro, the American corporation that develops, manufactures and markets high-definition cams primarily for use in real-time sports coverage, has announced its plans on working on an array that combines 6 GoPro Hero cameras for spherical shots all at once, along with its very own quadcopter.

GoPro’s Six-Camera Spherical Array is a mounting accessory that will accommodate six GoPro Hero4 cameras, capturing high-resolution images and video from different angles.

The content can then be stitched together to create a 360-degree virtual reality environment by using Kolor, a technology developed by a French virtual reality software maker that GoPro acquired last month.

To access the content generated by this array, you will still need a VR headset like HoloLens or Oculus. It is expected that the array will be launched by second half of 2015.

At Re/Code’s Code Conference, GoPro CEO Woodman also announced that the company is getting into drone business and will launch its own quadcopter by early 2016. He however didn’t shed any light on official price or the design that the drone would flaunt. Woodman said that there will be a number of related products available when GoPro’s quadcopter launches.

Woodman also said that the company is working on a software that would allow users to auto-sync their GoPro cameras to the cloud to allow them to access their footage. It would eliminate the need  of using an SD card or a USB cord, that were earlier needed to accomplish this.

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