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Microsoft Announces a Built-In “Phone Companion” App In Windows 10 For Cross-Platform Connectivity

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If you can just intentionally forget the ‘Edge Only For Windows 10’ announcement Microsoft made last week, all other announcements have pointed in just one direction – Microsoft wants to go cross-platform. And to further prove how serious it is on that thought process, the company has just announced a new “Phone Companion” app in Windows 10, which will let you connect your Windows PC to any smartphone you own – iPhone or Android.

While Microsoft has been active super active regarding integrating everything possible within its Windows 10 package, the Redmond giant today said in a blog post that the new OS is being designed in such a way that it would keep the data moving between the OS and the smartphone you own and conceive a connected environment.

In order to achieve that, Microsoft is releasing this new “Phone Companion” app for Windows 10 that would possibly narrow the gap between a smartphone and PC. Microsoft says that the new app will help you connect your Windows PC to whatever phone you own, whether it’s a Windows phone, Android phone, or iPhone, and keep the two synced together.

If you own a Windows smartphone, you just need to install the Windows companion app on your desktop. But if you happen to be a iOS or android user, Microsoft clearly expects you to install a couple of applications.

How it would be of some use to you? Firstly, OneDrive app will make every photo you take on your phone to show up automatically in the Photos app on your Windows 10 PC.

Secondly, with the latest upcoming version of the Music app, you’ll be able to store and access your music from OneDrive not only on your PC but now also play it anywhere, for free, on your iOS or Android phone (this already works on Windows phones).

Also, notes you write on your PC in OneNote will show up on your phone. And any note you tweak on your phone will get synced to your PC. And you can work on your Office documents from any of your devices, without worrying about moving files around.

Microsoft says that you will also get to taste a little more of Cortana if you install the new Cortana app on your device, which Microsoft announced for android as well as iOS based smart phones.

Cortana will be able to help you get lots of things done, from searching for things on the web or your device to setting reminders, dictating email, or toggling device settings. Cortana is also integrated into Microsoft’s new web browser for Windows 10 – Microsoft Edge. The Cortana app can do most of the things Cortana does on your PC or on a Windows phone.

Also, the updated Xbox Music app on Android and iPhone will enable free playback of your music files and playlists from OneDrive,

It is to be noted most of the applications that Microsoft mentioned already support these syncing feature and do keep your data moving between your device and your PC. With this central hub cum guide app, Microsoft is looking to tap into the minds of people who intends to use Microsoft 10 in coming days and are yet unaware of these offered features. The phone companion app will be released as part of Microsoft’s Windows 10 Insider Preview in a few weeks, meaning a new build is on the way soon.


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