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Apple Assigns Jony Ive The Position of ‘Chief Design Officer’

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Jony Ive, the longtime Apple designer who is largely responsible for the finest of design pieces flaunted in Apple’s product portfolio, has now been promoted to the position of Chief Design Officer.

The responsibilities that the new position brings along includes focusing entirely on current design projects, new ideas and future initiatives in design department for Apple products.

With Ive’s promotion to the position of Chief Design Officer, Richard Howarth has been appointed as vice president of industrial design while Alan Dye has been awarded the position of vice president of user interface design.

Richard Howarth, played a key role in bringing iPhone to life from the first prototypes to its production debut in 2007. Dye was mainly responsible for designing the Apple Watch user interface.

Iye will be taking command over his new position from July 1. Ive said he will still be in charge of both design departments, but should be able to concentrate on Apple’s broader design language, since the new position liberates him from banal administrative and management work.

Apple said –

We are thrilled to announce that Jony Ive has been promoted to the newly created position of Chief Design Officer at Apple. In this new role, he will focus entirely on current design projects, new ideas and future initiatives. Jony’s day-to-day managerial responsibilities will be handed off to his longtime collaborators Richard Howarth, VP of Industrial Design, and Alan Dye, VP of User Interface Design.

Ive was assigned the title of SVP in 2013, where he was commanded to handle the roles of a chief hardware designer and human interface designer. Next to Cook, Ive is considered to be the most recognizable personality at Apple. Also, Ive’s design sense is considered as a crucial element that saved the company in 1997.

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