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Apple Watch Update makes its Heart Rate Monitor less reliable 

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It seems that the new update that Apple descended over its class oozing Apple Watch didn’t bring much amazement to those early watch pickers.

Soon after Apple rolled the new update OS 1.0.1,  which was intended to fix bugs and other issues, a majority of Apple Watch users flooded Apple support forums with their disappointment about the wacky functioning of the wearable’s heart rate sensor post the update.

The sensor is supposed to measure the watch owner’s heart rate every 10 minutes, but users have been complaining that this has become more sporadic and sometimes it has to be done manually.

The issue seems to get activated while the watch is in its idle state. It works fine during workout mode or via Glance.

Users have submitted screenshots in which it shows the log of the heart rate where in some cases, the gap between measurements are about an hour. Sometimes it changes to 30 minutes, sometimes it’s 40 minutes, and sometimes it appears to be working normally by taking measurements every 10 minutes.

There also have been complaints about Apple Watch’s calorie counting feature that is being said to be less accurate since the release of the software update.

On positive side, the new update brings security and Siri improvements. Watch wearers can now enjoy the experience in new languages,. namely Brazilian Portuguese, Danish, Dutch, Swedish, Russian, Thai and Turkish.


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