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Samsung Launches ARTIK, Its New Platform To Build IoT Devices

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At the Internet of Things World conference in San Francisco today, Samsung introduced its new family of chips to tap into the infinite space the Internet of Things, which it says will power the ecosystem of connect devices. The new family has been termed ARTIK.

Under its ARTIK program, Samsung launched three  low power circuit boards, software support, developer tools, and embedded encryption for security. The new chips come in three variants namely Artik 1, 5, and 10 . Each one of them features different processing power, storage capacity, radios for communication and an embedded system of encryption.

Young Sohn, Samsung Electronics president and chief strategy officer, said today at the Internet of Things conference in San Francisco-

By leveraging Samsung’s high-volume manufacturing, advanced silicon process and packaging technologies, and extensive ecosystem, Artik allows developers to rapidly turn great ideas into market leading IoT products and applications.

The Artik 1 is the smallest measuring at 12mm by 12mm, and includes Bluetooth LTE, an accelerometer, a 9-axis motion sensor, a gyroscope, a magnetometer, and comes at a cost of less than $10.

The next one on the series is the larger Artik 5 that resembles to a system board of mini  computer, and packs Wi-Fi, ZigBee wireless, and onboard 720p video decoding. This chip might power something slightly smaller, like a drone with a camera.

And the last one, the Artik 10 is an eight processor module that is equipped with 2 GB of DRAM and 16GB of flash memory and has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and HD video capabilities. The most powerful of the three, Artik 10 and will cost about $100.

The chips are already being used in Samsung mobile devices, and they will be incorporated in the consumer electronics division to power connected devices like TVs and to a wide range of its smartphones. Currently, about 19,000 devices that connect to SmartThings have been created by companies, and the platform supports more than 30,000 apps.

Earlier in august, Samsung had acquired smart-home startup SmartThings , whose technology helps consumers control their appliances from their smartphones, smartwatches and other devices, and it has been viewed as key to Samsung’s smart-home and Internet of Things efforts.

You can sign up for an Alpha Developer Kit by clicking here. Applications close May 31st, 2015.


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