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Windows Chief Mocks Google for Its Inability To Provide Timely Android Updates

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Google’s Android, the most popular OS at present by market share (and not because its awesome or something, because it comes really cheap), was on the receiving end of a rather harsh flak by Microsoft’s Chief for Windows Terry Myerson. And what did he target ? Well, obviously Google’s inability to provide regular Android updates to its customers.

Speaking at the keynote conference to announce Microsoft’s plans to provide daily updates for device running on Windows 10, Microsoft’s Windows Chief Terry Myerson remarked,

Google ships a big pile of….. code, with no commitment to update your device

with an intentional pause having everyone in the audience in splits. It is common knowledge that there are indeed very few updates provided by Google to its android smart phones, the one fact even its hardcore fans would agree upon unanimously.

And forget about updates, Google’s own statistics show that a large number of devices still use the oldest available version of Android till date, the 2.1.


And Myerson didn’t just stop there. The Windows Chief further added,

Google takes no responsibility to update customer devices and refuses to take responsibility to update their devices

highlighting the security threats caused by the lack of updates. He was most certainly referring to the recent refusal by Google to provide a security patch for a threat found in Android Web View to the platforms that are still running on Android 4.3 or previous versions.

It is interesting to note that Windows itself does not have a golden history to provide regular updates as there were no upgrades from Windows phone 7 to Windows phone 8 as well as no Windows 10 upgrade to Windows RT users.

However, Microsoft plans to fix this issue with Windows 10 and Terry Myerson was here to announce their plans for the same.

We’re not going to be delivering all of the updates to all consumers on one big day of the month,

said Myerson, indicating towards following the distribution ring approach to provide daily updates, allowing some users to get the latest update and others to wait for more stable updates without bugs.

Microsoft also has specific plans for businesses in the form of Windows Update for Business which would work in similar way as normal users but businesses would be able to select distribution rings and maintenance windows to ensure not all machines take rapid updates to Windows 10.


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