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Apple TV Remote Will Feature Touch Pad in its Next Iteration, says New York Times

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Though Apple isn’t as much active in bringing updates to its Apple TV as it is on other devices, the Cupertino giant has decided to include a new touch-based remote with a revamped design in the next update, states a New York Times report.

Apple is expected to unveil a new version of its Apple TV service in June, at its annual developers conference WWDC and it is then when the the set-top streamer will flaunt its new touch pad based remote control.

The Apple TV is essentially a set-top box that connects to a television, allowing people to stream content over an Internet connection. The first Apple TV included a plastic white remote with a few buttons. The following version was metal with minor changes to the buttons.

However, as per the NYT report, the new remote is going to be thicker than its current iteration and will feature two buttons along with the touch pad. The current Apple TV remote is 0.2 inches thick but will witness itself turning into a 0.6 inch remote control as the touch pad descends upon it.

Replacing the existing circular click-wheel style control with the the touch pad will give users an easier way to scroll through content on the Apple TV. The redesign for the new remote will be the first big change to the Apple remote since the Apple TV’s introduction in 2007.

A touch-based control area on the remote would likely function similarly to the Apple Remote apps on the iPhone and the Apple Watch, allowing for swipe-based controls for scrolling through content available on the Apple TV.

Apple has always been inspired by simplicity and has attempted to reflect that inspiration to every device they design. While Google TV operates on as much as 78 keys, Apple has carved scant number of controls to its remote that performs all the required functions as smoothly as you expect it to be.

Rumors have also been surfacing that the device will include an A8 processor, Siri integration, a dedicated App Store, and expanded internal storage.


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