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Apple Details About ‘Applebot’ On Its Support Page, Hints Towards a Possible Search Engine Push

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Apple’s deal with Google for the default search engine on iOS is soon coming to an end, and while Yahoo is obviously being seen as a front-runner for that race, Apple probably has a different take on that. For the first time ever, Apple has emphasized on its web crawler, Applebot by adding a dedicated page to its support site detailing the same, thus hinting towards a possible search engine in making.

Web crawlers are essentially used by search engines to scour for information and pages as per the entered query and maintains an index for the same. The short support page, which appeared on Apple’s support website today, notes that the Applebot will be used for the Siri voice assistant and for Spotlight suggestions in iOS and Mac OS X.

The news comes just weeks after a (now-removed) job vacancy at Apple was discovered, looking for a project manager to work on “a search platform supporting hundreds of millions of users”. The new crawler could be Apple’s first foray into replacing the likes of Google, Bing and Yahoo for search results in iOS and Mac OS.

Apple’s Siri may be the most popular of the mobile voice assistants, but it is not so efficient at retrieving information that a user may need. And the prime reason is the fact Siri isn’t based on its own dedicated search engine, but rather relies on search engines like Wolfram Alpha and Bing.

And event though Apple might not foray itself as a complete new search engine, the Cupertino giant will probably launch a dedicated search platform for its in-house products, most notably sir and Safari web browser.


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