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Facebook Is Coming With An Instant Article Feature To Let You Read Entire Stories In Your Newsfeed

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Tired of news story links taking ages to load from your Facebook news feed ? Now WSJ reports, that the social networking giant is planning to launch ‘Instant Article’ feature, which will enable you to read news stories almost instantly while staying on Facebook itself.

The Wall Street journal reports further states, that Facebook is in talks with some of the leading news publishers to host their content directly from Facebook. In return, they will get every chunk of ad revenues associated with the ads posted alongside their content.

However, in the event of selling ads, Facebook gets 30 % of revenue. Though the move can definitely increase the user experience of Facebook especially on mobile, it would affect the number of visitors on the news website itself; the fact which has put some publishers on a defensive mode who remain “wary of tethering themselves more tightly” to the social network.

Facebook is quite rightly, on a roll when it comes to making money from advertising. The company just recently reported its earnings report for the first quarter of 2015, and showed how brilliantly it has been moving on with its advertising strategies.

For the new Instant Article feature, Facebook has allegedly roped in Buzzfeed, NYTimes, National Geographic and other unnamed publishers already and the Instant Articles feature is expected to roll out as early as this month.

You can remotely relate the ‘Instant Article’ feature with LinkedIn’s Pulse feature. However, in Pulse you mostly view article written within linked in by its influencers.

Facebook’s ‘Instant Article’ coupled with another new feature of prioritising updates from particular friends which entered in testing phase earlier this week, can effectively lead users to spend more time on Facebook.


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