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DDoS Attacks Can Last For As Long As a Week: Kaspersky

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While we have always been trying to shed light onto the devastating nature of a DDoS attack and the precautions to be taken in order to protect yourself from one, new figures from Kaspersky Lab shows that majority of the firms have failed to act and have fallen prey to a DDoS attack in one or the other way.

A Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack is one of the most popular weapons in the cybercriminals’ arsenal. It aims to make information systems such as websites or databases impossible for regular users to access normally. There can be different motives behind launching DDoS attacks, ranging from cyber-hooliganism to dirty competition practices or even extortion. Execution of a DDoS attack is basically done by flooding the website with garbage web traffic until the website can no longer handle the web load.

There are two common scenarios for conducting DDoS attacks: sending requests directly to the attacked resource from a large number of bots, or launching a DDoS amplification attack through publicly available servers containing software vulnerabilities. The latter one was in much discussion when Lizard Squad, a much popular hacker group, crippled down a couple of tech giant portals including Microsoft Xbox live and Sony Playstation portal.

The thing to be concerned about is that a normal DDoS attack might last longer than one’s expectation, maybe for a day or a week instead. And there is no certainty about how early the after effects of a DDoS attack would disappear. You might incur a data loss, or more sadly, a financial loss.

Take for an example, the devastating DDoS attack on GitHub. The attack made on GitHub wasn’t just some wannabe lizard hacker trying to get some twitter followers, it was a highly sophisticated one and lasted for a staggering 118 hours, spreading wide spread devastation among the code repository’s users. The attack was speculated to be generated from servers of China’s largest search engine Baidu, though the company categorically denied the same later.

As per an exclusive survey report sent to us by Kaspersky and B2B International, , 21% of the companies that faced a DDoS attack said that the attack lasted for more than a day. For some, it was a painful experience lasting for few weeks. Furthermore in 13% of the cases, the attack caused the complete failure of a resource while 52% reported significant delays in service loading times. For 33% of the respondents, there were slight delays in loading pages, and 29% of attacks led to the failure of some transactions through the service.

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