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Build 2015 : What All To Expect From Microsoft’s Developer’s Conference This Year

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Like every year, Microsoft is all set for its annual Build conference and it is much believed that this year’s event is going to be biggest of all the Build conferences Microsoft has ever hosted.

The event, that is scheduled to kick off at 10:30 pm IST, has always been about showing guidance to developers on vivid Microsoft platforms spanning from WIndows to Xbox.

This year’s conference might bring some interesting artifacts along as Microsoft is expected to hold a comprehensive discussion on HoloLens. Microsoft did unveil HoloLens during a previous event but shed minimal light upon how it would come to use in daily life and what all application support it would possess.

Showing a right path to developers on HoloLens would enable them to vigorously act on developing application to support for the same. We expect Microsoft to offer Developer SDK, release information, and demos to developers and an objective that they would be requested to follow.


Microsoft will obviously focus on its Windows 10 platform, the latest iteration to its Windows operating system. and believe it or not, the Redmond giant probably has the best opportunity right now, to interest developers into its biggest ever Windows release.

The new OS features a couple of additions which probably are expected to outcast the disliking of Windows 8. Also, the Redmond giant has finally bid goodbye(almost) to its decade old Internet Explorer browser and brought in Spartan (code-named) browser as a replacement which is expected to provide a better surfing experience.

Microsoft would probably talk about making as many positive additions to Spartan and take it a notch higher. Microsoft with all its hope packed up, will look forward to challenge Chrome and Firefox which have always been acted as a replacement to its Internet Explorer.

The company has also brought Cortana to Windows 10 desktop platform, which is good up to a certain extent for now, and would be looking forward to make it an even smoother sailing for the voice assisitant. Along with Windows 10 for desktop, Microsoft is expected to detail its Windows 10 mobile platform also.

Microsoft has reportedly, also been in talks to bring Android applications to its Windows platform. And this could quite possibly be the biggest announcement in this year’s build conference. Thought it sounds weird, but this is the objective that Microsoft foresees and might make a general discussion regarding the same during this Build conference.

Another major update that Microsoft discussed during its Windows 10 event was the integration of new Windows 10 OS to Xbox One. You can expect Windows to talk about building up a hoard of applications for the rejuvenated Xbox One.

Oh, and you were hoping for a new Lumia or a new low-budget smartphone ? (like the one debuting in India tomorrow ?) Well, if you’ve known uild for some time, you would know not to expect such hardware related announcements in the same. We don’t foresee a Surface pro 4 either, especially when Microsoft is already occupied with dozen of norms.


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