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The Apple Watch App Store Already Has Over 3,500 Apps, Says Cook

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Ever since Tim Cook unveiled the much awaited Apple Watch, there have been a plethora of questions coming up every day regarding whether the wearable will have enough apps to support. And while that worry didn’t stop Apple fanatics to grab this timepiece, Tim Cook now says, that the Apple Watch ecosystem already has over 3.5K applications running on its App store.

Slashing down all those questions and people’s dubiousness, Tim cook during Apple’s second quarter 2015 earnings conference call on Monday, said that there are over 3500 applications already built for the new Apple Watch and if you happen to have one of those devices, you can access them any time.

Apple wide opened a submission portal for developers to submit their apps for review since March 31, 2015. It’s been almost a month since that and now Apple Watch has enough applications to boast of. Also, the watch broke all sort of sales records on the very first day, leaving android ones far far behind.

Cook said-

And we thought it would be great if we were able to do that by a little bit, and as I’ve mentioned before, we now have over 3,500 apps in the App Store for the Watch. We couldn’t be happier about how things are going from that point of view.

Also, the figures are staggering if compared to the debut of Apple’s previous devices. When the iPhone App Store opened in 2008 it featured a selection of about 500 apps, while iPad launched with around 1,000 apps.

It has also been challenging for developers to build an application for a device whose functioning hardware details were kept under the sheets. Although, major developer teams from Facebook, BMW and others did receive an invite to work in Apple’s lab to develop applications for Apple watch, it was a clueless tedious task for small scale developers.

The built applications aren’t as much smooth as you would expect them to be. But you will eventually witness an upgrade making them better and better every time as we go along. It’s a start to a new ecosystem and would slowly build up into a large one.


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