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Luxottica CEO says, Google Close To Launching A Newer Version Of The Google Glass

While we already knew that Google is carving out Glass for yet another consumer level push under Tony Fadell’s guidance, it seems that the revamped Google eye-wear might show an official glimpse of itself any time now.

After a couple of failures and earning few implausible titles, Google thinks that the technology that they once fabricated to Google Glass, can still change lives at consumer level and, in fact, is making attempts to rejuvenate it. Google still considers the technology behind Glass is too important to throw away and says that the Glass can still make a triumphant return.

The return has been further confirmed by Italian luxury eyewear maker Luxottica’s CEO on Friday. He said that Google Glass is being dressed up for a new launch and will be introduced soon.

Google seized the production of Google Glass earlier this year and moved the project out of Google X research lab, only to carve it into a better piece and bring out a new iteration that would project an appealing future and a better present.

Google, along with Intel, had partnered with Italian eyewear maker Luxottica to build something based on the next iteration of Google Glass and are positively drifting towards their common objective.

What’s also on cards, is the fact that Google might launch a cheaper version of Google Glass to rocket boost its return to the battle field.

Moreover, Google is also more focused to make an impression at consumer level and will be looking for all sort of measures to lure users. The rejuvenated piece is also expected to come with a longer battery life and a new design.


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