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Mark Your Friends As ‘Safe’ (if you know they are) in Facebook’s Nepal Earthquake Dedicated ‘Safety Check’ Tool

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While the ruthless earthquake spared no expense in trembling Nepal to its fullest, tech companies are making sure that they contribute their bit in the ongoing relief work. After Google’s Person Finder, now Facebook has introduced a ‘Safety check’ feature dedicated solely to Nepal incident which has claimed over 1000 lives so far.

This feature allows you to flag your friends as “Safe” , implying that your friend has not been affected by the Earthquake and had been in you contact post the disaster. Facebook would allow you to quickly find and connect with friends in your area and let you know know if each one of them is all right.

Just mark your friends safe if you have been in contact with them and let everyone know that they are safe. This would ease up things for the people who have been trying to contact their acquaintances post the Earthquake. Plus you will not have to check on each of your friend personally.

Facebook will itself determine your location and will ask you to tag your friends safe accordingly and will ask you to flag yourself too. The Safety Check also lists relevant helpline numbers, if you wish to know about your friends/family in Nepal.

The tool sends you real-time notification to let you know,a s to which of your friends have been marked safe.

Google too stepped in the ongoing identification work and has launched its Person Finder service to help track missing people. The Google tool had helped people track the missing during the Uttarakhand floods in 2013 and also when Japan was submerged under Tsunami.


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