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You May Witness Some New ‘Products And Services’ at Microsoft’s Build Conference

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While Microsoft has been all hyperactive, since it unveiled its upcoming iteration of Windows, the company is sparing no expense in making this season an enthusiastic one.

Setting up and delivering a special session for media at the IFA Global Press Conference in Malta, Microsoft’s General Manager of Developer Experience, Bryan Biniak shed light upon Microsoft’s futuristic plans, hinting about the new “products and services” that the Redmond giant might introduce soon (via Windows Central). Microsoft’s Build conference is scheduled to take place in San Francisco soon.

While the ongoing build up to Windows 10 meant that Microsoft could have focused entirely upon Windows 10 release, but it seems that the company has something extra to put our plates. Microsoft is reportedly setting itself up to stage a session showing HoloLens’s potential and creations and the new dimensions that it would explore in future.

Ever since Microsoft unveiled HoloLens, there have been several questions upon its credentials. The field areas and the new dimensions that the HoloLens would explore are still unknown and have been doubted by people again and again. You MAY see newer creations related to Hololens, in Microsoft’s upcoming Build conference.


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