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Microsoft Brings Back Solitaire To The Latest Windows 10 Build

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Post the Windows 8 release, what also disappointed users apart from the entire OS, was the absence of Soliaire. However, addressing to the grudges of those disgruntled users, Microsoft has planned to bring back Solitaire on Windows 10.

This is not the first time that Microsoft is paying such attention to its users’ favorite old elements and making amendments to its operating system. The new Windows 10 will also pack in itself the much adored Start menu button, which was gravely missed in Windows 8 release.

Rumor also has it that Solitaire will be the only built-in app so far that will ship with Windows 10 but is subject to changes and might pack in other games like Minesweeper.

Although the game was previously available for those scouring the Windows Store, its good to see it making its way back to the built-in game section of the Windows.

The new operating system will also feature Microsoft’s voice assistant Cortana along with a whole new browser, which happens to be a replacement of the vintage Internet Explorer. The new browser, as said by Microsoft, is optimized to offer ultra high browsing speed and is powerful enough to stand against Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Microsoft also announced the introduction of mail and Calendar apps to the latest build, which was released just yesterday.


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