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Facebook Introduces Its Android-Only ‘Hello’ app to make phone calls smarter

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In an attempt to make phone calls a little more intuitive and quick witted, Facebook has today introduced “Hello”, a customized Android-only application that taps into your Facebook account to surface relevant information and instantly matches phone numbers of incoming and outgoing calls to Facebook profiles.

It ain’t over. Facebook has also bundled a voice calling feature in this application that would work if you are connected to a working WiFi device. And if you miss a call, Hello offers you the option of responding using Messenger. This is also a clever attempt by the company to bring Facebook into the center of everything.

Hovering over the utilities that this app would offer, it will allow you to see who’s calling you even if you don’t have the caller’s phone number saved in your contacts. It will also let you search for people and businesses. And when you do the latter, you’ll even be able to look up business hours, make a reservation at a restaurant or get directions.

The Hello app lets you easily block unwanted calls, sending them straight to your voicemail. The app is linked to Facebook Messenger, so you can text a person instantly without having to open that app separately.

Andrea Vaccari, a product manager at the company said-

Facebook has no plans to monetize from the app directly. Facebook is about making the world more open and connected. We think it’s core to our mission.

When you get a call, Hello will show you info about who’s calling you, even if you don’t have that number saved in your phone. You will only see info that people have already shared with you on Facebook.

SeeWhosCallingYou can also search for people and businesses on Facebook and call them with just one tap. So if a friend tells you about a new restaurant in your neighborhood, you can use Hello to find their hours, make a reservation and get directions, all without leaving the app.

Search:BusinessHello makes it easy to block unwanted calls. From your settings, you can block specific numbers and adjust whether you want to automatically blocks calls from commonly blocked numbers. Blocked calls go straight to voicemail and can be reviewed in your recent calls.

BlockUnwantedCallsWith Hello, people will only see info they could otherwise find on Facebook. We’ve also made it easy to control your experience using your settings on Facebook and in the app.

Hello is currently available in the U.S., Brazil and Nigeria only and can be downloaded from Play Store.

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