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The Latest Ubuntu 15.04 now supports OpenStack Kilo, Offers Access to Android NKD

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The latest release of Ubuntu released by brings of hoard of new features including  the Kilo version of the OpenStack cloud framework, a new container technology said to offer the security of a hypervisor, and the first outing of the firm’s Snappy Ubuntu Core.

Offering access to Android NKD and Android Studio to developers for the first time, the new OS will also introduce a Firefox developer edition as well as a new game development platform named Stencyl.

Previously known as Ubuntu Developer Tools Centre, Ubuntu Make aims to ensure that users will now have access to a large number of advanced games to play in their PCs and laptops.

Canonical’s LXD container runtime environment falls somewhere between a Docker container and a full VM, making it possible for a single physical host to run many more LXD containers than it could VMs. In addition, the applications within those containers can run without the overhead needed for virtualization. Live migration of containers, where running applications in a container can be moved between hosts, is also supported in the current release.

According to Mark Baker, product manager for OpenStack in Ubuntu

LXD support in OpenStack means big data [e.g., Hadoop] specialists can now use OpenStack APIs for provisioning, and get bare metal performance for their analytics.

The major offering in Ubuntu 15.04 is OpenStack Kilo. Canonical claims its distribution is the first to offer production-ready Kilo to the public. Much of what’s new in Kilo revolves around improvements to virtual networking, memory management, and other common pain points.

Ubuntu 15.04 will be available to download from 23 April, and continues the firm’s push to drive the pace of developments in cloud computing, at least with the server version of the platform.


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