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Twitter Now Allows Developers To Add Timelines To Mobile Apps Through Fabric

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All packed within the new update package for its mobile developer platform, Fabric, Twitter now allows developers to integrate Twitter timelines within their iOS or Android Twitter applications easily.

The sole purpose to do this is to expand access to Twitter timelines from third-party applications and help developers to bring more engaging stories into their apps. The rollout also allows developers to make guest authentication.

Fabric was launched at Twitter’s Flight developer conference in October and is company’s mobile app platform, which consists of three modular kits: The Twitter Kit for distribution, the Crashlytics Kit for stability, and the MoPub Kit for ads.

With user timelines, developers can integrate tweets from any Twitter account into their service with just a few lines of code. Search timelines let them automatically display results based on key words relevant to the app’s experience.

Michael Duckerm, product manager at Twitter said in a blog post –

Just like Tweet embeds, the background and text colors are easily customizable, so your timelines blend perfectly into your app’s design.Of course, we want to see all of your users benefit from seeing these rich timelines, not just those who are logged in to Twitter. So today, we’re also launching guest authentication, built into timelines. It will let your app access content from Twitter’s API without needing a user context. With minimal effort, you can now integrate relevant, real-time content within your app to engage users – without having to ask them to log in with Twitter.

The overall purpose of Twitter behind this rollout seems to integrate its service on mobile devices by way of third-party apps and convince developers to put their efforts in Twitter’s new developer application. Also, Twitter does not have a very bright history and gad several times shut off access to its API and killed a number of businesses along the way.

You can get your hands on the new features by upgrading Twitter kits in your developer application, Fabric.


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