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With the new iOS 8.3 update, Siri gets better for Indian users

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Indian Apple users have always had a hard time when it comes to making any sort of interaction with Siri, taking two or three trials on an average to get things done from the voice assistant. However, the latest iOS 8.3 update is dedicated towards resolving this issue and make Apple experience a bit more smooth sailing for Indians.

Apple’s new update for iOS will now make it possible for Siri to understand Indian English and do things accordingly. The update further includes improved performance, bug fixes and a redesigned emoji keyboard, along with improved performance for messages, Wi-Fi, control centre, Safari, third-party keyboards.

A redesigned emoji keyboard brings 300 extra emoticons along and features different skin tones, representing the different races around the world. With this new update, Apple has also added a new voice to Siri, which is a bit more clear, crisp and sounds much like real.

With this new update, iPhone users can change their iTunes preferences to stop prompting for passwords or fingerprint authentication when downloading free apps every time. Siri can be set to start calls with the speakerphone on. Now, you can also filter text messages from unknown senders out of your main list.

The other major new feature of the iOS 8.3 includes the ability to use the CarPlay feature wirelessly. If a vehicle for instance supports CarPlay, the user no longer needs to plug his iPhone to get music or directions at the center display. The app will automatically be playable on the mobile device.

This update, which is also dedicated to Indian users, comes right at the time when Apple is starting to get a firm grip in India. According to CyberMedia Research, the iPhone maker has emerged as the largest 4G LTE device vendor in India with a market share of 45 per cent in October-December 2014.

You may head over to your iPhone settings to install the new update.


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