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Samsung files patent for a wrist-worn smartphone

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While we are right into the phase where Samsung is staging all sort of trendiness to its smartphones, the Korean giant has reportedly filed a patent application that outlines a large flexible display which is designed to wrap around your wrist (via SamMobile). And Samsung’s long-stuck wheels of innovation seem to be finally showing some motion.

Whether this newly patented tech actually makes into public domain, only time will tell. But its good to know that Samsung has finally realised, that innovation is what will drive its profits now, and not upgraded specs.

As for the device, users can also unbend the device which would make the display size equivalent to that of the Galaxy Grand and can be used like how smartphones are normally used. The screen can be attached to rotatable segments that allow the device’s shape to contort without destroying any of the less-than-flexible components. And, you can wrap it on your wrist once done. Well, we don’t do such things with a smartphone, until now.

The device will be able to control your music, show pictures, make calls, send texts, and perform all the tasks you normally associate with a smartphone or smartwatch. Overall, it sounds like the device is effectively a smartphone and would resemble a smartwatch to some extent once folded across your wrist.

That day does not seem to be any close when Samsung will actually carve this patent into a working gadget. Yet we can hope that in case if Samsung intends to bring this out in the market, it keeps Gear S resemblance out of this project.

Yes, this is a step towards innovation and creativity but will this crazy hybrid gadget make a positive impression on smartphone fanatics?


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