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Microsoft’s Outlook mail service unavailable for some users

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Microsoft’s Outlook email service seems to be hit by some serious issue and has been facing some temporary outage. The outage is causing disruptions while synchronizing and sending mail since last Tuesday night.

Above all, the issue is taking much longer than it was expected to be resolved and is well acknowledged by Microsoft. Microsoft said-

We are aware that users of the following mail clients are experiencing issues syncing and sending email. We are working on the issue and expect resolution in the next 24 hours. — Windows Live Mail — Outlook Connector — MSN Premium client — Windows Phone 8.1 — Windows 8 Mail Client.

Though not all, a large number of users have faced this disruption and have been posting complaints on the Community page about their  mail issues since Tuesday night. In another post Microsoft said that fixing the problem is taking longer than they hoped and promised another update by 2 a.m.

And it isn’t just Outlook which is experiencing the outage. Other Microsoft services related to e-mails have also been facing a similar issue. tHese applications include Windows Live Mail — Outlook Connector — MSN Premium client — Windows Phone 8.1 — Windows 8 Mail Client.

In 2013 the mail service suffered from a similar outage, the reason happened to be an overheated datacentre.


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