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IBM, NASA challenge developers to build space-apps on IBM’s cloud platform Bluemix

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Apart from filing a patent or making an another attempt towards conceiving some futuristic gadget or device, IBM this time has agreed to offer an helping hand in a rather different way.

IBM will allow access to its cloud development platform Bluemix to sponsor the NASA Space App Challenge, a three day long code-a-thon for developers to build “space-related” apps. The event, organized by NASA, will have as much as 10,000 participants spanning from developers, scientists, students to entrepreneurs coming together from different coordinates of the globe for developing space exploration applications.

Using IBM’s cloud development platform Bluemix, participants will be tasked with developing mobile apps, software, hardware, data visualization and platform solutions. The technology being developed will address one of 35 different challenges across four research topic areas – outer space, Earth, humans and robotics.

Sandy Carter, general manager of Cloud Ecosystem and Developers at IBM, said-

The NASA International Space Apps Challenge is at the forefront of innovation, providing real-world examples of how technology can be used to by the best and brightest developers in the world to solve some of the most daunting challenges facing our civilization. Using the IBM Cloud, IBM is making it easier for developers to solve NASA challenges by helping them leverage and make sense of data in ways that wouldn’t have been possible even just a few years ago.

IBM also will work with NASA Space Apps Challenge events globally to offer mentorship, guidance and tutorials for participants.  IBM has supported similar code-a-thons with enterprises such as Citigroup and higher education institutions like Howard University.

IBM has also created a network of Bluemix Garages in San Francisco and London designed to promote developer ecosystem collaboration and innovation. Launched in February 2014, IBM’s Bluemix Platform as a Service now has more than 100 services available to help developers build, test and deploy cloud-native and cloud-enabled applications.


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