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Google might be developing a teleconferencing tool called GMeet

Google seems to be quietly working on a new platform, GMeet (via 9to5 Google) to offer one click teleconference connectivity for enterprise and corporate users, rather than requiring users to dial in a string of numbers.

Google, as usual, is trying to push its Hangouts along, since GMeet uses Google Hangouts as a base for its functionality with additional features added for enterprise customers. A number of screenshots  have been spotted by Florian Kiersch on Google+ and, as per screenshots, GMeet is allowing log in access to Google employees only.

However, it is still unclear whether Google intends to use GMeet for the connectivity among Google employees or if it’s undergoing internal testing ahead of an official reveal. The screenshots also reveal that the smartphone-based app uses Google’s latest Material Design language that debuted with Android 5.0 Lollipop.

Google Meet would work in a similar way as Google Hangouts, allowing for voice and/or video calls to be conducted over the service. Conference calls will likely be routed over the internet, similar to VoIP calls made on Google Hangouts or Google Voice today. There is also a search tool to find existing meetings to join, likely reserved for users within the same organization, or under the same Google Apps domain.

Also, sending a link to customers, guests, or participants of a teleconference call is much easier than requiring them to dial into a conference service. Kiersch also claims of the existence of a Chrome extension that would support GMeet access via Chrome itself.


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