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Force Touch may make appearance on the next-gen iPhone

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While various rumours have been circling around regarding the nomenclature of Apple’s next-gen iPhones, a new report says that Apple might introduce its “Force Touch” tech  to the upcoming iteration of iPhones (via Apple Insider). Since, the change is significant enough, the Cupertino giant might also skip the “6s” nomenclature and jump directly to conceive iPhone 7.

Apple’s this technology first appeared on Apple Watch and allows it to distinguish between a soft tap and a harder press for added interactions, and Apple has since integrated Force Touch into the trackpads for the upcoming MacBook and 13-inch MacBook Pro.

With the introduction of Force Touch to iPhones, user interaction with the device would explore a whole new dimension and would offer a great ease in accessing few basic functions of the device, by recognizing the varied intensity of touch.

Apple might implement Force Touch on the next iPhone by using capacitive technology, and placing the sensor under the in-cell touch panel’s backlight. Doing so will save space within the device, and will make it more easily transparent for use on an LCD.

Rumours of Apple considering to introduce a new pink color option for its next-generation iPhones have also been surfacing the web.  It won’t be a surprise if Apple limits Force Touch to its largest iPhone model only. Apple has earlier introduced exclusive features such as optical image stabilization (OIS) and a landscape mode limited to 6 plus model only. Moreover, the cost of fabricating Force Touch to iPhone would limit it to appear on the largest model only.

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