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Apple and IBM introduce 8 new enterprise and healthcare iOS apps

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The enterprise partnership between Apple and IBM has come to fruition yet again. Under its MobileFirst for iOS initiative, Apple and IBM have added 8 new enterprise apps designed exclusively for iPhone and iPad.

The partnership that was formed back in 2014 promised to unveil over a 100 industry specific applications. Following the same, Apple, along with IBM, introduced 10 applications in December, which has been now followed by 8 more.

Hospital RN

This specific application is dedicated to eradicate the need of devices other than the iPhone to access the record of any patient by nurses and doctors from anywhere in the hospital, which can assist them to follow right medical steps. Push notifications on iPhone display patient requests, lab status, safety alerts, and prioritized task lists for immediate disposition.

Hospital Lead

Hospital lead will target the needs of the staff member in charge and will deliver all the necessary escalated tasks and other information so that they can be effectively forwarded to down-line staff members and nurses. This would aid in maintaining a hierarchy at ease with proper care for patients.

Hospital Tech

The goal that this application intends to achieve is similar to the other ones. The Hospital Tech app for iPhone keeps nurse technicians closely connected to their care teams, so patient tasks are handled quickly and safely.

Home RN

This application brings care for patients even outside the hospital. Location-based services built into iOS help nurses find patients’ homes and nearby pharmacies, urgent care centers, and labs. Nurses can also upload patients health update, notes and reports in form of text, file and audio.

Rapid Handover

The Rapid Handover app for iPad makes it easy and intuitive for an industrial-products foreperson to document and share information with incoming shift members. Critical data including production goals, equipment maintenance, and crew lists are available at a glance in the moment of engagement.

Ancillary Sale

This application helps flight attendants in providing a better assistance to flight passengers.  Flight attendants can sell seat upgrades, food and beverages, and duty-free merchandise — all while in the air. And passengers can conveniently complete the transaction with Apple Pay or the swipe of a credit card via in-flight point-of-sale systems. The app also recalls passengers’ previous on-board purchases so flight attendants can recommend similar food and beverage items based on past preferences.

Order Commit

This app, available on iPad, allows merchants to access important metrics on financial targets and sell-through while in the office or on market trips. By integrating with the camera on iPad, the app lets merchants take photos of products and model performance against items with similar features.

Risk Inspect

makes insurance inspections more accurate and reduces the need for costly repeat inspections. With the camera on iPad, inspectors can capture photo and video of any site while on the job.


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