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Apple receives a patent for unlocking iPhone by taking a selfie

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While the world is still obsessed with Touch ID, Apple is planning to conceive another unlock system that fits perfectly with the ongoing selfie trend. The Cupertino giant has been now awarded a patent by the U.S. Patent Office today, that would allow iPhone and iPad users to unlock their devices by simply taking a selfie, rather than using Touch ID or a passcode.

Though, the face recognition unlock system isn’t something that you couldn’t think of, considering it has been prevailing in Android since years, Apple has added a twist to the technology it wishes to build. The device will automatically lock, based on the determination that a user’s face is no longer present in the images captured by the device’s built-in camera. That’s something not new.

One way this could be done is that your device would take a snap at regular intervals and try to determine whether the person using the iPhone is you or not. On negative match, the device would automatically lock itself.

Apple’s patent specifies that the capture process could also be triggered by detecting when the device has been motionless for a period of time. That would, perhaps, save a lot of battery. It is to be noted that this technology could also prove to be irritating if it is not as smooth as the user wishes it to be.

Once integrated successfully to iPhone, Apple might also introduce this tech to iPad or maybe iPod.


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