It can get pretty scary driving on busy roads on two wheelers. Errant hits are a very real possibility, and major accidents usually happen because drivers don’t see people on bikes. Volvo happens to have a solution to that.

Quite aptly christened as the LifePaint spray, this new type of paint reflects car lights in the evening, and remains invisible during the day.

Volvo has been pretty active in coming up with tech that is concerned with safety on roads-  a connected car and helmet system that calculated proximities and lets the car driver and a helmet wearer on the bike both know if there is danger- being a notable one.

Right now, the LifePiant is being sold on a trial basis in bike shops located in Kent and London. The paint can be coated over the bike, on your clothes, and if you’re in danger of being hit by an approaching vehicle, you’ll explode up in white light, which should be sufficient warning.

It lasts upto 10 days, and will works in every scenario except rains- that’ll wash the paint off- it happens to be water based.  It just makes the surface reflective, and the said surface will not be chemically altered.

The paint is designed with creative agency Grey London and Albedo 100- a Swedish startup.

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