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Microsoft acquires PowerPoint collaboration startup LiveLoop

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Microsoft has made yet another startup acquisition and has now brought LiveLoop, a start-up that takes PowerPoint presentations and allows people to broadcast them on the internet, under the shadow of its powerful reign.

LiveLoop enables real-time document collaboration within the familiar enterprise desktop environment. LiveLoop’s first product is both a PowerPoint plugin and a hosted service that together enable PowerPoint users to work with each other on the same document at the same time. Instead of emailing dozens of attachments back and forth, LiveLoop users can edit their documents at any time, seeing their colleagues’ edits in true keystroke-by-keystroke real time.

LiveLoop has announced the closure of all its services from April 24 without providing any sort of justification. Now that we know that the  startup has fallen into the tender hands of Microsoft, the closure can be directly related to this acquisition. New user registration and presentation upload have been disabled. Post the service closure, the company will be deleting all presentations and user data on its platform.

A spokesperson at Microsoft said-

Microsoft is excited to welcome the talented team from LiveLoop to help build great collaboration across Office applications, as part of our strategy and vision to reinvent productivity.

It is supposed that Microsoft will be making use of its recent acquisition to build up and enhance its productivity suite, especially Office.  Google, Amazon, Apple and others have been making innovative amendments to their own productivity suites. Microsoft, in order to stay relevant in the competition, has been making quite a few acquisitions and is trying to boost up its productivity applications.

With a similar objective, Microsoft  had earlier acquired Sunrise, the popular cross-platform calendar app. In December, Microsoft also acquired the mobile email management application Acompli, in a deal reported to be worth more than $200 million. The deal gives Microsoft a startup helping people more easily manage their mail on handsets using Google Android or Apple iOS operating systems.


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