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Tesla Model X spotted on California highway during test-run

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With Tesla hitting the roads through its snazzy new SUV Model X more often now, the official launch of yet another master piece doesn’t seem so far. It happened to be a mater of luck that Tesla’s Model X was spotted dressed all in whit,e being tested near Palo Alto, California.

Model X is supposed to hit the roads officially by third quarter of 2015 and with everything going fine, it seems that Tesla won’t make you wait anymore. Car companies do tend to cover up the vehicles they test. Since, Tesla has already announced this car, so it probably only hid pieces of the trim that haven’t been finalized yet. The car seems to be as perfect as expected, showing off high class performance with no engine noise to speak of.

Tesla has already delayed the Model X’s release a couple of times due to various reasons. We don’t quite know software tweaks may arrive with the Model X just yet, but Tesla recently updated their Model S with some nifty changes.


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