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Google is prepping up Google Glass for yet another consumer level push

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While each one of us already started to shed all our hopes from Google Glass, it seems that Google isn’t yet ready to give up on its eye wearable.

After a couple of failures and earning few implausible titles, Google thinks that the technology that they once fabricated to Google Glass can still change lives at consumer level and, in fact, is making attempts to rejuvenate it under the guidance of Tony Fadell.

While Google stopped shipping out Google Glass following infinite criticism, it is believed that the company went back to drawing board under Fadell’s supervision. Google’s executive chairman Erich Schmidt has said that the technology behind Glass is too important to throw away and can still make a triumphant return. glass-quote-1That’s a lot of hope to keep on a device that failed drastically before acquiring even a scant proportion of limelight.

Eric said-

It is a big and very fundamental platform for Google. We ended the Explorer program and the press conflated this into us canceling the whole project, which isn’t true. Google is about taking risks and there’s nothing about adjusting Glass that suggests we’re ending it. Glass, like Google’s self-driving car, is a long-term project. That’s like saying the self-driving car is a disappointment because it’s not driving me around now. These things take time.

What’s also on cards, is the fact that Google might launch a cheaper version of Google Glass to rocket boost its return to the battle field. Above all, Sony unveiled a developer edition of its SmartEyeglass gadget, which carries a price tag of $840, just a little more than half of what Google was charging.

Moreover, Google is also more focused to make an impression at consumer level and will be looking for all sort of measures to lure users. The rejuvenated piece is also expected to come with a longer battery life and a new design.


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