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Android’s latest smart on-body unlock feature allows you to access your device without re-entering your PIN time and again

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In an attempt to eradicate what appears to be highly annoying at times, Google has started rolling out a new automatic smart lock function called on-body detection to devices running Android 5.0 or higher that would automatically determine determine when your smartphone is in your hand or pocket and locks it once you are done with it.

Benefit ? You won’t have to input your pin or pattern every time you put your screen off. As long as you hold your phone in your hand or even if you hand it to some one else, you will have access to your phone without any sort of verification method. It will automatically put a lock to itself once you set it down or in your pocket.  The whole trick behind this is using your phone’s accelerometer to figure out when it’s been set down on a surface, and lock it accordingly.

Though, the feature is said is said to be rolled out with an objective of protecting your data from getting stolen when you leave your phone on the table or forget it somewhere, we consider it more as a utility feature that would ease up the usage of smartphone eventually.

The feature was first noticed on Nexus 4 device running on Android 5.0.1 and will reach your Android 5.0+ device as a part of a Google Play Services update in the coming weeks.


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