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Tata aims big on innovation, developing wearable tech, drone solutions and hydrogen fuel cells

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With a wave of fresh talent being infused into the Tata group in the form of GE Veteran Gopichand Katragadda, one of India’s largest conglomerates is now looking to foray into new and pathbreaking things in the company, in context of technology and internet.

While developing drones, hydrogen based fuels and wearable devices is something that a giant such as Tata never really thought of getting into, but just months after hiring its first CTO, the gorup is now assembling a team of experienced scientists to develop that same tech, in India.

Wearable devices is a cluttered space with quite a lot of competitors now. However, if its Tata, you cannot question the viability of the plan. With a lot of aggresive research on Hydrogen based fuels going across the world, it will be truly amazing to see how Tata makes it into a feasible business idea, aiming to earn a $100 million through this new-age tech it iss developing.

From trucks to turbines, the wide range of products that Tata works in have softwares and will be largely technology driven as per the new CTO of the company. The idea is to aim at developing products, which can target 100 million people.

The idea, according to Katragadda, is also to enable peer-to-peer seamless communication between products, software and sensors forming the network. Katragadda says,

Trucks can talk to each other, collect data to build a centralized pool of insights

If the Mumbai based giant, which is running over 100 companies, goes the GE way by implementing technology in everything, it can be considered a very positive sign for India, especially for the Make in India agenda tossed by the PM of Asia’s 3rd largest economy.

While the next six months will go into carrying out the feasibility tests to check the capability of the business plan, under the new leadership of Gopichand, Tata will also work on developing peer to peer seamless communication system across trucks to create a centralized pool of insights.

It will truly be interesting to see what the new CTO brings to Tata group from his experience and learning of GE and whether Tata will be successful is creating an image of a global leader in technology.



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