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Yahoo solves your “Forgot Password” disorder, introduces one time passwords for login

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Remembering passwords can be highly annoying at times, especially when you have an infinite number of accounts to maintain. Now Yahoo has made some effort to bring a little bit of aid to you. Instead of remembering your password and entering it every-time you aspire to log in, Yahoo will send you a one time password that you will need to input and go ahead with your usual yahoo surfing.

The sole objective to conceive such a system is to snatch away all those possibilities from hackers that could lead towards a hack. Looking at how Christmas-y last year turned out for all sorts of lizards and hackers, it is pretty evident that hackers have got some serious tools and there’s a need to make some security amendments. Drifting towards the same, Yahoo has introduced this on demand system and will put to trial soon.

Theory is pretty simple. Every time you wish to log in, Yahoo will send an one time password to your registered mobile device generated randomly in its system and will become useless once used. The flaw that could put your account security to risk cannot be neglected. Once you loose your phone, it will be a child’s play for the person to access your device.

Another possibility that could really mess up with your account could be the text message that pops up on your device, even if it is in a locked state. Well, remember to make some changes to your settings if that is the case with you.

Though Yahoo intends to tighten the security for its services, this model certainly needs some changes and we can expect that from Yahoo any time soon. Along with the introduction of OTP, Yahoo also showed a sneak peak of its end-to-end email encryption plug-in, which it is working on in conjunction with Google.


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