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Apple to offer gift cards if you switch from your Android device to an iPhone

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Though Apple falls no short when it comes to the number of iPhones it sold last year, it still seems to be discontented and is planning to offer Apple gift cards to consumers, who switch to iPhone from their Android devices.

The program will allow older devices to be traded in via Apple Stores, which will in turn provide gift cards towards the purchase of new iPhones. Though Apple already offers this on older iPhones, it is totally new for smartphones running other platforms. The gift cards will be available under a new recycling and trade-in program that will provide an in-store credit.

This program, which aims to lure as many non Apple users as possible, will arrive in a few weeks’ time with training for in-store employees to happen this week.

This news would certainly amaze users who are on the edge and have been wishing to switch to a new device for a while. In addition to this new trade-in program, the company has also created a detailed guide that walks Android users through moving data from their Android devices to the iPhone.

Even though Apple continues to be a favourite among smartphone owners in the west, it has a significantly lesser presence in Asia, with a probable exception being China. As for markets like India, Apple has been announcing a slew of new measures lately (non of them confirmed though), to attract Indian consumers into buying iDevices.

While its sales figures aren’t comparable to that of Samsung or a Micromax, an IDC research still featured Apple on the 5th spot among the top smartphone vendors in India. This is already a major gain, considering that Apple defied the likes of many low-cost Android players in the market.


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