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LinkedIn has acquired Careerify to solidify its recruitment business efforts

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Taking another step towards building its ambitious, Big-data powered recruitment business, LinkedIn has today announced (via TechCrunch) that it has acquired Careerify, a Toronto-based startup which has developed an online platform offering recruitment solutions in the human resources industry.

Careerify will put locks to all of its products, except a referral product that helps companies find new hires from an existing employee’s network of contacts. It’s referral product uses an employee’s social connections to figure out who in an individual’s network might be suitable for a job opening in that employee’s place of business. Linkedin visions to make use of this referral program into its business. However, the business social network will not take any new users to LinkedIn.

The other two Careerify products, namely Internal mobility and Employer branding will completely shut down, and LinkedIn has not provided any update on a possible revival process for the two products.

Careerify CEO and founder Harpaul Sambhi said-

We decided to join LinkedIn due to what we lacked – massive scale. More than 30,000 companies across the globe leverage LinkedIn for recruitment, and with more than 347 million members, LinkedIn offers an opportunity to make a much larger impact on job seeking and hiring.

Three of four Careerify employees will be joining LinkedIn Talent solutions team and will be placed to Mountain valley soon.

Other related terms of the deal have not been disclosed.



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