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New patent reveals Apple is working on making its devices waterproof

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In a fresh patent awarded to apple by US Patent Trademark and Office , Apple indicates how it intends to carry its devices to another level of perfection. As revealed by the documents, Apple is seeking possible ways to make its devices moisture proof.

Titled as “Methods for shielding electronic components from moisture“, the patent outlines on how the vulnerable and sensitive parts of the device can be protected from moisture, keeping minimum damage into consideration.

The patent talks about using advanced vapor deposition technology and protecting solder leads with silicone seals, that would serve the process of protecting parts from being damaged.

Apple patent document states-

Many electronic devices are susceptible to water damage because they are not fully sealed and include various openings for charging, connecting peripherals, and inputting and outputting audio. While bulky cases have had a certain amount of success at mitigating water entry through the aforementioned openings, a protective case is of little or no value once water has entered a device housing.

Moreover, Apple’s now patented tech is different from the ones we have seen from major manufactures like Sony, who have successfully transformed their devices into completely waterproof, by covering ports with plastic lids.

Apple, like most other patents it receives, has gone out-of-the-box to provide real, practical and futuristic waterproofing solutions.

The Cupertino giant proposes coating integral components, like the printed circuit board (PCB), with a hydrophobic coating. Depositing the coating via plasma-assisted chemical vapor deposition (PACVD) would create an acceptable insulating layer to protect against short circuits that occur when high voltage parts are exposed to liquid.

In short, Apple intends to make inside of its devices waterproof, absolutely opposite of what other pioneers in the field had thought and have implemented to some extent.

Application further states-

By providing an insulating layer or barrier around these highly susceptible parts, water resistance can be substantially increased without obscuring functional openings leading into a device housing of a particular electronic device.

Waterproofing is rapidly become an attribute that every user intends to have on their devices and is often used by competitors as a weapon in the smartphone battle field. As usual, Apple has an habit to equip itself with the ultra advanced weaponry system when it comes to competition.

Incidentally, the patent reveal has come just days before Apple’s special press event, where it is going to give the world a better view of its impending Watch wearable, a smartwatch that many believe will set a whole new standard. This patent promises to add extra compelling attributes to Apple’s devices .

The patent itself doesn’t mention whether or not the technology would be used for iPhones, but once Apple accomplishes this objective, bringing it to iPhone won’t be a hectic task.

The patent paperwork was initially filed by Apple in March, 2014 by researchers Nicholas G. Merz, Scott A. Myers, Gregory N. Stephens and Joseph C. Poole, and maps out 20 various claims for its technology approach.


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