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Microsoft is bringing games to HoloLens via Xbox

At GDC 2015 Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft’s video game division unveiled company’s bigger plans about how the Redmond giant intends to introduce XBox gaming to its newly unveiled HoloLens.

Microsoft considers HoloLens as a massive platform for games that will be built across Xbox One and Windows 10. In an attempt to bring its gaming experience beyond the boundaries of its console system, the developers behind Microsoft’s first-party development studios have already started to bring as many gaming functionalities to HoloLens.

Phil Spencer said-

Gaming and entertainment is going to be critical for HoloLens. We see this as a full Windows 10 device with holographic capability.

What appears to be surprising is that Microsoft has opened a doorway for game developers to create universal apps that can run on both Xbox One consoles and PCs with Windows 10, as well as other devices running the upcoming version of Windows, including HoloLens.

Spencer also said that they would make all sort of efforts to to make their games easily accessible to consumers, regardless of whether they switch between devices or where they buy apps.

Spencer added –

We know there are billions of people that play games across all devices. Today, the world is segmented. You don’t have linkage really between the places that your customers are playing your games.

Following the announcement, Microsoft’s director of program management Michael Ybarra demonstrated few of the functionalities, including the abilities to record and edit game clips in Windows, find Xbox Live friends across multiple platforms.

Spencer also hinted on release of an adapter later this year that will allow PCs to use wireless Xbox One controllers. In order to join the game developing program, developers will have to sign up for the Windows Insider Program for eventual API access.


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