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Avast anti-virus has reportedly been blocked by the ‘Great Chinese Firewall’

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In what appears to be yet another internet dictatorship (yes, that’s what we are calling it these days) act, the Great Firewall has targeted another foreign technology firm, Avast and is working on eradicating its existence within Chinese boundaries.

Avast, the popular antivirus and security software was reported to be blocked in China by a certain subset of users who had been using it for a while. To support their claims, statistics from displays how Avast has been unavailable in China since Sunday.

Avast has been in this business for ages and claims to have over 220 million users globally. Avast has not made any claims regarding this disruption and, as usual, neither did China.

Well, this comes as no surprise since it was much expected to happen ever since China kicked off tech majors from its procurement list, which mainly consisted of security firms including Symentec and Kaspersky. Almost half of the security firms have already faded out from Government’s procurement list. Luckily, left out ones have the goodness to fall into the category of homegrown firms, which China has been promoting for quite some time now.

China has armed its home-grown tech companies with all sorts of necessary equipments and have gradually taken over foreign companies that used to dominate in the country. The communist nation continues to do the same.

In May last year, China beefed up its security review system for foreign IT firms with broader scope and more vague criteria. Besides the immediate economic benefits, China also gets greater control over its internet and more influence over the future development of global IT trends.

China has been taking all sort of steps to extend its envelop around home grown firms and driving out foreign tech as much as possible. If statistics are to be considered, China has proved to be quite successful in bringing down business with foreign companies and have reportedly staged one third drop over the past two years. These string of incidents have, in fact, earned China a title of being anti US and yet continues to prove the validity of the statement.


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