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China cleans up 60000 online accounts under its ongoing internet censorship drive

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The Great Firewall has clinched it’s fist yet again. China’s leading internet companies culled around 60000 online accounts for various factors that did not complied with China’s internet regulations.

The primary factor that is being attributed to the removal of accounts include their username linking to terrorism, violence, pornography or misleading in some or the other form, said Cyber Administration of China (CAC).

China has previously attempted and struggled on removing fake usernames and forcing users to input their real names for online services. Despite of numerous failures, china continues to lock down control over account names and has removed 60,000 usernames that found inappropriate.

China has passed new regulations which includes laws and measures to force users to input their real names. The new legislation will take effect from March 1 onwards.

Weibo, China’s twitter like microblogging platform, has said that it will agree to the terms of new legislation and will monitor and handle all the content on its platform, including the usernames.

Other internet giants that have agreed to lock down and filter usernames according to the new legislation include Alibaba, Tencent and Baidu.

While we have been debating Chinese censorship, here’s what CAC has t say,

Among the accounts removed were those purporting to belong to state agencies, state media organizations and the East Turkestan Islamic Movement.


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