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Microsoft Garage brings out new Windows Phone, Android productivity apps

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Last year, Microsoft notified on how it plans to put all its effort on developing lightweight, consumer-focused apps for Android, iOS and Windows devices. Drifting in the same direction, Microsoft has made a handful of new, free experimental productivity apps for Windows Phone and Android available for download from its Garage incubator.

Microsoft Garage is a group that develops cross-platform consumer applications.  Garage project give outsiders a chance to see what Microsoft employees create inside the company during their free time. The group draws ideas from day to day life activities and try to import these ideas into the applications they develop.

The first among the 9 new apps is DevSpace. The application available on Windows Phone, helps Visual Studio Online developers work and manage their projects more efficiently. On the other hand, Join Conference makes it easier to dial into conference calls with just one button or one voice command. The application is specifically available for Windows Phone.

Microsoft’s Garage has paid equal attention to Android Community as well. Keyboard for Excel replaces a device’s keyboard with one optimized for Excel, delivering speed and efficiency when trying to create lists and enter numbers on an Android device.

Your Weather, available on Windows Phone in Chinese market, brings personalized fine-grained and predictive air quality and weather reports for Chinese cities to the phone. SquadWatch, available on Windows Phone, shows users where the people they care most about are right now and what they are doing in real time.

Picturesque Lock Screen, available on Android in the U.S. and India, brings the Bing home page images to the Android lock screen along with several other key features like search, news, calendars, and weather without unlocking the phone.

Mouse without Borders witnessed its relaunch with a pack of new features, allows you to control multiple computers with a single mouse and keyboard. Developer Assistant offers a way to browse and re-use code snippets and samples from Visual Studio.

The Garage apps are all in the experimental phase, and are updated and improved based on user experience and feedback. The group earlier made Microsoft’s Torque to be available on Android smartphones. Torque offers services like weather updates, sports scores, information about nearby restaurants, stock prices, and more. With this new roll out of

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