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Google officially launches Google Flights, your new travel guide

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With people hopping here and there more often than ever before, Google has announced the final version of its flight-shopping site Google flight, a new Search item that finds you the best deal on your travel.

Google flight works in same way as other travel search websites, but just in a blink of an eye because it’s constantly pre-computing millions of different possible routes. So, when you search for a flight between two places, Google already has that query cached, so it can give you the information in a flash.

It’s indeed simple to use; just put in your departure city, an arrival destination, and Flights will find you the best deal. Google, quite confidently, says that half of the travellers are not even sure about where they are headed to. The search giant thinks that with its new tool, it can aid those uncertain travellers and simplify their process of destination selection.

Google Flight will allow you to search for regions or whole countries, like “Flights to Europe” and “Flights to Mexico.” Or, expand the map to scan the entire world and see accurate prices for all the different cities you can fly to, along with filters for your flight preferences and, ofcourse, budget.

Interface wise, Google Flights doesn’t show a list of cheap flights but a worldwide map covered in red airport dots—each of which has a price tag based on the calendar dates you entered in the first place.

Such type of search systems use a hefty amount of cloud storage since it pre-computes all the possible routes. Luckily, Google is blessed with such a technology and hosts a vast cloud storage set-up.


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