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Google acquires Facebook-focused mobile marketing startup Toro

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Toro, a start-up which helps app developers with their Facebook marketing campaigns, has been acquired by Google, in its continued spree of startup acquisitions. Toro  helps developers at various coordinates of globe to promote their application on Facebook.

Toro is built by Red Hot Labs in San Francisco, California. Founded in March of 2012, Red Hot Labs is a team of former app developers and product managers now focused on arming app developers of today with their mobile marketing tool.

The company had in mind to to launch and optimize a Facebook ad campaign in order to aid mobile app developers, by creating and testing a number of variants of each campaign. Apart from helping developers in marketing their apps, Toro also provides a curated dashboard for each ad campaign you run.

Developers also get to choose from over a dozen creative ad templates, and further customise to form their own. Toro’s dashboard surfaces creatives with the best performing images, and also allows developers to gain insights on which creatives lead to the most installs.

However, as a part of this acquisition, the company will suspend campaign creation for the time being, but will continue to optimize campaigns and provide reports for existing customers  The marketing company writes in its blog post

For our existing marketing customers, we will continue to optimize your campaigns and update your dashboards, though campaign creation has been suspended for the time being. We recommend working with an alternative Facebook PMD for new campaigns going forward.

Toro will be diving more deep into the research and marketing department with the advanced resources that it will be receiving from Google. However, the start-up might shift its focus towards making Google Plus, a more attractive destination for advertisers as Google’s social networking attempt lags well behind Facebook on almost all parameters. Financial terms of the deal are still wrapped under the sheets.


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