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Apple’s latest patent will let you see each other’s FaceTime screen, and collaborate via in-app data sharing


In a fresh patent granted to Apple by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, the Cupertino giant has talked about a new, “Interactive application sharing” tech which will let user share app-data and will also allow them to see each other’s FaceTime call screens. (via Apple Insider).

The patent aims to bring a sort of relief to the users who are extra ordinarily involved in data and document sharing and often faces a hard time with Apple’s current model. It  suggests a way for users to share data in real time rather than emailing information back and forth.


It talks about allowing live collaboration between users, enabling edits and changes made to the document to be reflected in real time via a common application, which will be, of course mandatory to be installed on the devices at both ends.

That’s not it. The patent also outlines on how users will be able to enjoy screen and media sharing, or even live video, which will immensely surge up users’ working experience on Apple’s devices. Instead on relying on alternatives, teams will be able to work together on a singular document at the same time on Apple’s devices itself.

The patent also talks about how the app and data can be overlaid on top of a FaceTime call, so if you want to hear and see the person you’re collaborating with, this could be one of the ways to facilitate that.

The set up is quite simple. First  user initiates a collaborative session with at least one other device, which in turn accepts to establish a wireless connection. The initiating device may host the session, providing screen and data updates to the second device over a suitable means of wireless communication.


While setting up a wireless connection between the two devices, users can also set privacy designators to mark data private or public.

Well, this is not at all new in the market since Google already serves similar real time data sharing. But, it might sound exhilarating to Apple fanatics who often search for alternatives to accomplish such tasks.

Apple’s FaceTime collaboration patent was first filed for in January 2012 and credits Brandon Joseph Kieft and Catherine Rose Grevet as its inventors.


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