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Uber teams up with Safetipin for further enhancing user safety

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In an attempt to make rides more safe for its users, Uber has joined hands with mobile safety and auditing service Safetipin, hence further enhancing the quality of its car-hailing service.

SafetiPin is a map-based mobile safety app that tags safety scores to locations on a map in a city, based on safety audits done across the city. SafetiPin collects data of locations based on nine parameters that together contribute to the perception of safety by measuring actual location conditions in order to generate a safety score for an area.

The information is supplemented with comments and photographs from real users and trained safety auditors. The data collected will also be shared with city governments for urban planning and safety campaigns for safer travels around the city.

Uber will advance the contribution to SafetiPin’s data collection across the city by providing access to partner-drivers and their cars, the company said in a statement. Partner-drivers will be trained and work at night with SafetiPin’s safety auditors.

Gagan Bhatia, General Manager, Uber Delhi said-

Uber will continue its tireless efforts to build a comprehensive ecosystem that brings best in class safety to the streets of Delhi and across India. This partnership builds on SafetiPin’s understanding and expertise in this field. By working together on this meaningful cross-border initiative we hope to provide local communities with the technologies to enable them to travel more safely around their cities, here in India and around the world.

The initiative will first kick off in Delhi, the Indian capital city (seems obvious now) where Uber has quite a history. It will further be rolled out across other global markets in the coming months, including Bogotá, Colombia and Nairobi, Kenya with the aim to cover approximately 20,000 km of city roads and areas.

Considering the recent rape incident in Delhi, which were soon followed by grave safety allegations from authorities as well as passengers, this was yet another, much needed move from Uber’s end. Uber was forced to dismiss its services from India’s capital. Ever since its return, Uber has taken its security credentials rather seriously and has taken some appreciable steps towards passengers safety.

Just a few days back, it announced that embedding of the long-talked about SOS feature in its app, along with the addition of a journey-sharing option. Uber also said that it will provide an in-app panic button and journey/location sharing service to its users from February 11 so that they can dodge the situations that they are not supposed to be in. Uber has also been performing stringent background checks on its drivers to prevent unnecessary agitation and happenings.


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