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iFixit launches a new platfrom for Android device repairs

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iFixit, the company popularly known for performing tear downs on Apple devices, now wishes to practice its talent on Android devices. The company today launched its Android Repair hub, that will perform similar functionalities as witnessed by Apple devices.

iFixit says,

Our Android Repair hub is now live. On it, you’ll find hundreds of Android repair guides and replacement parts for a dozen of Android’s most popular devices—including the Samsung Galaxy S, the Galaxy Note, and the Nexus tablet series.

The very first roadblock that the repair company might face is maintaining the enormously wide range of Android devices, which is infinitely large as compared to iOS. Add up the number of tablets and smartwatches, and the figure goes beyond our counting. Well, iFixit must have kept all these aspects into consideration and then reached to the conclusion of launching this new platform.

For a start, iFixit have already prepared repair guides for 252 android devices. The company is bringing new experts aboard to cover the wide portfolio of Android products.

iFixit currently offers parts for nine Samsung Galaxy models, four Nexus devices as well as for the HTC One (M8)and LG G2 and hopes to expand this service to a larger scale soon.


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