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Microsoft flags off its fifth global cybersecurity satellite centre in Singapore, third in Asia

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To address those cyber crimes that have spread much of a havoc recently, Microsoft has launched its fifth global Cyber crime Satellite Centre in Singapore. The facility is an effort to eradicate all those possibilities that would let hackers to conceive a cyber attack in the Asia-Pacific region.

The structure is third of its kind in the region and has its siblings successfully established in Beijing and Tokyo. The new set up aims to cover other fragile areas of South East Asia that includes India, South Korea, Australia, and New Zealand.

The whole of this initiative is orchestrated by Microsoft’s digital crimes unit, which operates primarily as a non-profitable support center. The basic idea is to study software vendor’s business objectives and add up an extra layer of authentication. The extra layer is much difficult for hackers to breach into and keeps out a whole lot of notorious activists.

Microsoft has its three out of five satellite centres built in Asian regions. Following a huge advancement in IT sector, these countries are likely to be the top most interest for hackers to breach into financial departments. Microsoft is arming those rising and well established companies and institutes with their additional security level and buckling them up for a perfect counter move.

Richard Boscovich, Microsoft’s US assistant general counsel for digital crimes unit, said-

We look at cybercriminals as business people and they follow emerging markets which are economically lucrative. A lot of computer usage in Asia also do not have safe practices, making these users prime targets for cybercriminals, noting that the Singapore center will provide more visibility into malware developed specifically for the region.

The initiative is baked up by 100 lawyers, investigators, engineers, forensic analysts, and data scientists located across the globe, including India, China, and EMEA.  It works with industry partners, internet service providers as well as law enforcement and computer emergency response teams (CERTs) in the various local markets.


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