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Russia goes after Android and iOS, will reward devs for migrating to Tizen and Sailfish

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In a world where Android has around 90% of share in its grasp, Linux based Tizen seems to strive hard to hold on to its existence. Well, Samsung has found an ally that would bring in a little more oxygen for this infamous OS.

Disgruntled with the present OS structure, Russia has expressed its intentions to make Tizen and Jolla’s Sailfish as the most used operating system in the country. In a series of tweets, Russian minister of communication Nikolai Nikiforov decried the “monopoly” that Google has over Android, which is not a true open source OS in his opinion.

Nikiforov sees the need to break the monopoly of American companies over mobile operating systems. Well, if you have even the slightest idea of US sanctions on Russia post Ukraine crisis, you know that Nikiforov’s reaction is pretty obvious. In fact, he also said that Russian Government would offer rewards to developers to migrate android based apps to Tizen platform.

On the other hand, Russia is a big and important market, where Google’s presence is weaker than in other regions. That’s one of the reasons Samsung originally tried to launch its first Tizen smartphone in Russia. In a similar effort to minimize the android dominance in the country, Nikiforov announced the Ubuntu’s first smartphone that is set to be available in Europe through a series of flash sales soon.

This news rather seems to please Samsung since the OS has been facing hard times to gain momentum ever since it was born. Its’ still unknown as to how much the Russian government has in its war-chest to back up this initiative, but it will certainly conceive few of a job opportunities.


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