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Samsung brings in new mobile marketing head aboard

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Samsung is gearing up the best of its resources for the launch of its upcoming flagship Galaxy S6, the smartphone that will make a defining impact on the future of the Korean giant.

In what may appear as an instability in the human resource department,  Samsung has appointed a new smartphone marketing chief, Reuters reported. Notably, this move comes just before the unveiling of the much awaited Galaxy S6. Thousands of speculations have already been made in terms of hardware as well as the software construct.

Samsung has already started sending out invitations for a March 1 event in Barcelona – ahead of the Mobile World Congress trade show – where its next Galaxy S smartphone is widely expected to be unveiled.

Samsung has showered enough fortune on Lee Sang-chul, former head of the company’s Russian operations and undoubtedly expects an equivalent output. Lee now holds the position of head of  strategic marketing for the mobile business. He will be charged with overseeing the launch of the new Galaxy S device, that holds much of the hope for Samsung.

Familiar sources say that this move is a direct result of the health issues being faced by Kim Seok-pil, former head of  strategic marketing for the mobile business.

Samsung is facing head winds from its rapidly evolving competitors, especially Xiaomi which has completely driven out the Korean giant out of China. Heavily wounded, Samsung cannot afford to sail in the current direction  of the wind.

Samsung descended heavily last year in terms of profit generation through its electronics business. Though, most of it comes from its dangling smartphone business, Samsung reported the worst ever annual profit in three years in an earnings call last week. In 2014, the company’s profit was 25 trillion won, a massive 32 percent blow as compared to its glorious high of 36.8 trillion won in 2013. As for the fourth quarter of 2014, Samsung’s profit fell 27 percent to 5.3 trillion won year-over-year.

The Korean giant hopes to resurrect its old glorious days and achieve a comparatively profitable quarter with its upcoming Galaxy S6.

Rumours have also been surfacing that Samsung might make few other replacements to its upcoming flagship. Qualcomm last week said that it might loose a major customer’s flagship device, that we assume to be Samsung Galaxy S6. Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 810 chip has been rumoured  to conceive overheating issues when incorporated to devices.

Before these rumours could find peace, further reports corroborated the fact that Samsung might drop the idea of fabricating Snapdragon 815 chip to its upcoming flagship device and rather its own Exynos chip.

Samsung is taking no chances and sparing no expense to make the most out of the Galaxy S6. Conquer or defeat, that’s yet to be witnessed.

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