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Razer launches competitive gaming ecosystem for everyone who loves Gaming

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Razer has announced the first phase launch of its Razer Arena, a new competitive gaming ecosystem for everyone. With the introduction of its new product, Razer has unleashed a whole new direction to its software line up that already consists of audio, peripheral and streaming platforms.Razer Arena is a new sports web platform that the company hopes will make matches easier to create as well as helping users create their own competitions.

To further enhance the interaction between the competitors, Razer has also added a voice chat gaming messenger, Razer Comms. Each match’s results, scores, screenshots and replays will automatically get uploaded to the Arena system.

In the first phase, users will be able to participate in daily challenge cups to get familiar with the tournament platform, as well as participate in tournaments produced by selected partners.

In its current state, Arena is still in beta, so tournament design is still very limited. For now, only the single-elimination format is available. In the second phase, slated for March 2015, users will be able to host their own private tournaments. Successful Razer Arena tournaments may be featured alongside professionally organized events.

Razer Arena will feature:

  • Automatic match creation and reporting
  • Match-reminder notifications
  • In-game voice chat powered by Razer Comms
  • Chat lobbies for the most social and interactive gaming experience powered by Razer Comms
  • Anti-cheat engine to ensure fair play
  • Single elimination format
  • Custom competition creation and management with friends, schoolmates and colleagues – Coming March 2015

Min-Liang Tan, Razer co-founder and CEO said-

Tournament platforms focus heavily on the professional gaming scene, leaving out the majority of gamers. That ends today with Razer Arena. Finally it’s easy to find the best gamers in your school or your office. There are competitions for every skill level, from casual to pro. You decide how and with whom you compete.

Razer has introduced Arena by teaming up with Las Vegas-based Gaming-Grids and only supports Battlefield 4, Dota 2, or Counterstrike: Global Offensive players for now, but the company is trying to lure more developers to integrate Arena in their games.


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